New Year – New Drive!

Good morning Sports Fans! As I look out my foxhole this morning things appear to be looking up. We’ve ushered in a new year and life is good! My recent surgeries seem to have been a success, as I continue my journey down life’s road as a long term survivor. The cancer was successfully removed from my throat and all lymph node biopsies have come back free of cancer. There were limited lymph nodes in my throat lining due to them being destroyed by the previous radiation therapy from 19 years ago.

My discectomy also seems to have been a success though it’s still quite early in the recovery phase. I have regained some sensory functions which is a good sign that the pressure is off my spinal cord. I can definitely tell that there is new hardware inside my neck. Swallowing feels much different and I’m very limited/restricted by my neck brace that I have to continue to wear for the next four weeks.

So join me in pushing forward and creating a legacy for our future generations. Create your personal vision for 2018. Set goals and set out to achieve them. Be a difference maker! Don’t get caught up in the complacency that plagues our society today. Take action! Lead, Follow or get the Hell out of the Way! Life is too short!

Join me and together we can do GREAT things this year! I’m looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:

• Pinewood Derby(car assembly and race day)
• Accessible picnic table design/construction at local high schools throughout WI
• Accessible Bocce ball
• Fund raising nights at Culver’s in your area
• Boston Store Community Days March 1-3. Coupon book sales
• Fisher House meals

Call me or email if you’re ready to help make a difference: (414)328-8910

Year End Giving…….

Year End Giving Guide to PVA-WI Are you considering a year end charitable donation? Look no further than the Paralyzed Veterans of America – Wisconsin chapter. We are Wisconsin’s only 501(c)(3) veteran service organization with a 4 – Star Charity Navigator rating! We offer several donation platforms and we allow you the donor, the ability… Continue Reading

‘Twas the night before Christmas

As I look out my foxhole today I’m feeling blessed. I’m home for Christmas and not in the hospital. I was released two days ago after another surgery to reduce pressure on my spinal cord and to biopsy more lymph nodes from my throat. Though I’m feeling blessed, I can’t help but feel compassion for… Continue Reading

Cancer Sucks!

Morning Joe…….. My cup is kind of full today. I’m afraid some may spill out. I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer yet again. This isn’t my first rodeo, nor my second. This is the third separate occurrence of cancer in my 50 years of existence. This time cancer has attacked the soft tissue inside my… Continue Reading

Am I prepared?

Am I prepared? There are many horrible things happening in the world today. As I reflect on recent news, I wonder if I am ready to deal with what comes my way. Am I prepared for a natural disaster like a fire, flooding or catastrophic weather? What about my family? Are they prepared to go… Continue Reading

Today’s History Lesson…….

On the overcast morning of December 9, 1945, General George S. Patton Jr. and his chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Hobart Gay, were being driven by Pfc. Horace I. Woodring to go pheasant shooting when a 2 ½ ton truck driven by Staff Sgt. Robert Thompson suddenly emerged from the haze near Neckar Stadt, made… Continue Reading

Change is in the air…….

As I yawn, stretch and sip my morning cup of Joe, looking out of my foxhole, I’m feeling very blessed. Yesterday I proudly took part in the PVA-WI annual membership banquet. This day is the beginning of significant change for this organization. We had a change of command from our well-respected founding leader, Mr. Phillip… Continue Reading

The Foxhole Perspective

From my foxhole: As I look out today I’m enraged over what I see as the NFL in it’s whole; players, coaches, owners, and the commissioner’s failed attempt to bring awareness to social injustice issues. Instead, by choosing the wrong forum, they have brought great disrespect to the American Flag, our National Anthem, and the… Continue Reading

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