Change is in the air…….

As I yawn, stretch and sip my morning cup of Joe, looking out of my foxhole, I’m feeling very blessed. Yesterday I proudly took part in the PVA-WI annual membership banquet. This day is the beginning of significant change for this organization. We had a change of command from our well-respected founding leader, Mr. Phillip Rosenberg to our former Vice President, Mr. Dale Nelson. Dale is now our Chapter President and Phil will continue to serve on the board as our Vice President.
We’ve strengthened our partnerships and commitment to the Milwaukee VA SCI center. We’re moving our physical office location to the Milwaukee County War Memorial all the while working on a long-term plan/initiative to be located on the grounds of the Milwaukee VA. These initiatives are significant and help forge the future for this organization. We will need to rally the troops and get outside volunteer support to make these moves happen.
Be a part of these exciting times and help us leave an enduring legacy for years to come. We need volunteers, committee members, and fund raising support! Get involved today! Hoooah! #Rollwithus #Veteransmatter

Chief – out

The Foxhole Perspective

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