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Zablocki VA Hospital Parking Announcement: 

1/3 of upper SCI parking lot (far west) will be torn down to fix a piping that is underneath it.  After that is completed, parking area across from it will be under repair.  This effects SCI parking.  The entire project is slated to start around mid to late May and end in mid to late Aug.

So what does this mean?

  1. During first part, 1/3 (east, that is closest to the entrance) will be for our patients.  Middle 1/3 will be for DAV and other vehicles.  West 1/3 will be  under construction.
  2. During the second part, the west 1/3 that is redone (after the pipe fixing) will be utilized by the group that is undergoing their parking repair.  Everything else remains the same.
  3. During both phase, lower lot will be the overflow for all.


Veterans Disability Law Bulletin – January 2017

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