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Fisher House Wisconsin – 

Another community outreach initiative this year is for the chapter to support the “Meal-train” program at the Fisher House.  Every month we will be selecting a date to provide a meal to the house guests.   The guests enjoyed a nice home cooked style meal after spending all day at the hospital with their loved one.  If you would like to help support this program, please contact the chapter office.  We can only schedule meal dates 30 days in advance.

 Dr. Lee is in the news! He has been awarded the 2017 Silver Helmet Award see the article in the AmericanVeteran Magazine.
The AMVETS Silver Helmet Award, is a unique silver replica of the World Ward II GI helmet. It has over the years acquired a well-deserved reputation as the most prestigious of all the awards given by veterans organizations and is no known as the “Veterans Oscar.” The Silver Helmet Awards ceremony recognizes excellence and outstanding accomplishments in the fields of Americanism, congressional, rehabilitation, and AMVET of the Year. Dr. Lee will be awarded on March 10, 2017.  Congratulations Dr. Lee!!
Veterans Home – King, WI
On Tuesday, 19 April 2016, Mr. Dale Nelson and Mr. Scott Griffith traveled to the King Veterans Home in King, WI.  The purpose of the trip was to present service emblems from our chapter to the home for display.  Our meeting with Mr. Jim Knight, Commandant, was scheduled for 1330.  We arrived early and met with Mr. Nicholas Peskie, Donation Specialist, King Veterans Home.  We gave Mr. Peskie the PVA-WI swag that we brought along for PVA public awareness month which included newsletters, chapter brochure, pens, pencils, lip balm, d-rings, chip clips, totes and draw string back packs.  He was very appreciative of everything we brought.
We met with Mr. Knight at 1330 and presented him with the 5 service emblems from our chapter.  He was very appreciative of the emblems and was very fond of the Air Force emblem as he is an AF veteran himself.  Mr. Knight spent about 30 minutes with us and gave us some background on the King home.  King is the oldest and largest of the three state veteran homes.  King has a 700 bed capacity and has a wait list.  The grounds are massive and located on a beautiful lake in King Wisconsin.
There is tremendous opportunity for our chapter to grow it’s membership at King and collaborate with the home staff and other volunteer activities to support the home.  Mr. Peskie provided the point of contact at the Waupaca high school to replicate the wheel chair accessible picnic program for the King home.  They would obviously need more than 4 tables.  They loved the idea of the tables.
We spent more time with Mr. Peskie discussing the culture of the King home.  Mr. Peskie is the 3rd generation within his family to be employed at King.  He is very passionate about taking care of the residents at King and he will be a pleasure to work with as we grow our King presence.  Items to discuss for King:  Membership representation on their rec committee, a hospital liaison volunteer, and a future membership drive/meeting at King.
 Veterans Home – Union Grove, WI     Received picnic tables made by the local high school students, as seen in the photo. See more at
 Veterans Home- Chippewa Falls, WI
On Wednesday, 20 April 2016, we traveled to Chippewa Falls Veteran home in Chippewa Falls.  Of particular note, there is no state highway signs indicating the home’s location.  Supposedly, Mr. David Zien is working this initiative at the state level.  We arrived at Chippewa Falls early.  Our appointment with Mr. Mark Wilson was scheduled for 1000.  We were greeted by Mrs. Kathryn Stewart, Admissions Asst. and Navy Veteran herself.  We spoke with Mrs. Stewart until Mr. Wilson was available for the service emblem presentation.  We conducted a presentation of the service emblems to Mr. Wilson in a day room that was staged for a resident, adaptive basketball game.    The residents seemed appreciative.  We toured the new facility and got to see the resident’s room, their dayroom area, and their dining rooms.  This is a very nice facility!
Chippewa Falls veteran home is only 3 years old and is the smallest of the 3 Wisconsin veteran homes.  There are 72 beds in this assisted living facility.  The rooms are single occupant rooms with some rooms having a Hoyer lift systems and others without.  There is a spa facility, PT/OT workout facility, day rooms, meeting rooms, and separate dining rooms in each of the 4 wings of the facility.   Like King, Chippewa Falls has a Rec committee and it would be nice to have representation on that committee.  We do not currently have any members residing at the Chippewa Falls facility.  Future partnerships or interactions should start with a membership drive/meeting.  It is the northern most home within Wisconsin but is pleasantly located near Oshkosh, WI and Eau Claire, WI.