Hardship grants are provided for the benefit and use of Wisconsin Chapter members that are in need of financial assistance. To be considered for a grant the member:

  • Must be suffering from a financial hardship situation. For purposes of this grant, “hardship” is broadly defined as a condition or situation that is difficult to endure or one that causes human suffering. Generally, high priority will be given to veterans who have serious health and/or safety concerns.
  • Must be in good standing with the Chapter. “Good standing” means that no money is owed to the Chapter and the veteran’s membership has not been temporarily suspended.
  • Must complete and submit a confidential Hardship Grant Application to the Chapter for review and consideration. Hardship Grant Applications can be obtained by contacting the Chapter’s office and requesting one or by downloading an application from the Chapter’s website. All fully completed applications are presented to the Board of Directors once a month, at the monthly board meeting, for consideration. To fully evaluate an application, applicants may be required to provide additional information and/or financial documentation. Please note that all such submitted applications will be treated in the strictest confidence to ensure the privacy and dignity of all applicants.

The following are a few guidelines the board should use to help guide them in the excepted manner in which these funds should be handed out.

  • Is financial need demonstrated?
  • Are other funds, services, programs and/or resources available to the veteran?
  • Is the submitted request covered by any existing VA benefit, governmental agency and/or private programs(s)?
  • Is there any written documentation substantiating the veteran’s financial need such as bills, paid receipts, estimates, statements, etc.?
  • Examples: food, electric bills, rent or house payment, home repairs, medical or dental expenses not covered by Insurance to include prescriptions, legal fees to be used for retainer if refundable or final bill payment, emergency car repairs, emergency gas money to be paid in the form of a gas card (with receipt proof).

If the veteran is successful in being awarded a Hardship Grant, the maximum amount of a grant that will be awarded by the Chapter is $400.00 per grant request. $200.00 Maximum from Nelson fund and $200.00 Maximum from PVA WI match fund. Under this grant program, veterans are eligible for one grant award per calendar year. Finally, please note that no grant funds will be dispersed solely or directly to the veteran only to veteran’s creditors.


  *Hardship Grant Application

  *Disaster Relief Application/Form