Sports & Recreation

The Wisconsin Chapter encourages our members to be active and engaged in sports and recreation. Whether one participates in chapter programs or selects from activities provided by the Zablocki VA Hospital Spinal Cord Unit, we feel these activities are essential to mental and physical health.

See and hear our very own pioneer of adaptive sports and the impact our programs have on our members and the community:

Financial assistance is available to our members for some of these events, upon completing a financial request form. This form is to be submitted to the chapter prior to the event and before the 2nd Tuesday of the month, to be voted on at the Board of Directors Meeting.

The Wisconsin Chapter asks that you read the Sports Policy which defines our sports program.

Get Involved! Adaptive Sports & Recreation Programs Include:

For more information on the adaptive sports see our calendar or contact Joyce at or 414-384-2000 ext. 41258 or Chelsea at ext. 41256

Also see the VA Hospital SCI Unit Facebook page

See our Helpful Links page for more websites in sports and recreation.

Sports Policy – revised 4/2/17

*Financial Funding Request Form

Business Expense Form (BER)